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Elizibelle & Co
Calabacita Señorita

Luxury Picnics 

Kaylee Gomez, owner of Elizibelle & Co, has created luxury picnics in the Four Corners area for 2 Years. Her iconic tablescapes creates more than just the stereotypical picnic with a red checkerboard tablecloth strewn on the ground in the park. Her designs range from bohemian chic to pretty in prink tea parties and everything in between. It is with great anticipation that her company has teamed up with Calabacita Señorita Flower Farm to further push the norms of picnics & create the most beautiful tablescapes with local flowers for any and every occasion. This team up will provide you with everything you need to create the ultimate picnic for a proposal, bridal shower, bachelorette party, romantic date, anniversary celebration, or brunch with your friends. The packages we provide range from Grab & Go Picnics that are great in a pinch to full service picnics where you can relax knowing our team will set up, create, plan & execute every detail for your perfect outing. All you do is enjoy the memories you create with loved ones, and we clean up after all the fun. Check out the pricing on our picnic packages below & contact us with any questions. 

  • Kaylee Gomez ~ 505-419-8327

  • Megan Quintana ~ 505-360-7284

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