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This week June 6-8th you can find our opening week Arrangements at 302 Artifacts gallery Downtown Farmington. 

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A little info about our Floral Offerings


We believe in sustainable floristry and minimize unnecessary plastic use in our design mechanics as often as we can, such as floral foam, and plastic vessels. We order only unique ceramics, and vases for your florals. Hopefully ones you want to keep


We classify ourselves as a farmer florist shop. We grow all the flowers we use in our designs 7 months of the year, and source locally as much as possible outside the grow year and any time we need to supplement our designs


We curate a specific, in house designed and executed color Palette to highlight seasonal and specialty florals, we grow to create unique and impactful designs to make more than just arrangements but works of art


We live, breath and love New Mexico. So we name our floral offerings to highlight New Mexico's unique treasures & quirks. For example, we like naming our arrangements after NM chili peppers and sizing them based on their Scoville units!


No matter the color palette, each design is  one of a kind. Always delivering on the style but creating dynamic masterpieces, that are never replicated

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