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My name is Megan Quintana

Otherwise known as Calabacita Señorita!


This flower farm was brought to life by an artistic vision for all things floral from seed to celebration.


I never started out flower farming, I actually pursued a career in music education which lead to over 7 years in public and private education and completing my Masters Degree from UNM.


However, once I was blessed with being a first time home owner with the ability to grow anything on my own land, I immediately made the switch from music educator to farmer florist.


My flower farm is going on 3 years in business, and we are making the big change to focus on event design! But don't worry, I'll still offer subscriptions and see ya at Market! My farms main passion is to create unique, sustainable floral designs and arrangements for the four corners area that can really showcase the oasis we live in. Our flowers are more than just flowers, they are art. 

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The Flower Farm



Meet Anthony Quintana

My better half, and helping hand on the farm! I can't forget about my husband! He is the helper I can't work without. He can manage anything from irrigation issues to floral mechanics. He helps bring the farm and floral vision to new heights, so the florals become more than just a plant to care for but into works of art. 

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