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Our Services

Check out our options below and let us know the package that best fits your needs through our inquiry form. 


The Beautiful Basics

The basics are all you need, and honestly goes a long way! Our minimum order is $1500. This allows us to create beautiful pieces for your beautiful day. This can include your bouquet, the bout for your dashing groom, and another floral desire! This mini but mighty package can get you started with what you need. 

Price Range: $1,500


Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Price Range: $2,000 - $3,500

Simply in need of a few more personal florals such as a bridal bouquet, maybe a ton of bridesmaids bouquets & boutonnieres, or instead a cake cloud and a martini bar flaral statement piece, or a dog garland for mans best friend, or a a flower grandma needs her walker decked out in florals, because let's be honest, grandma is a mother of many and deserves it. Maybe you just want a small design for your ceremony? This package is the Goldilocks choice! Just right. 


Full Service Design

Price Range: $4,500 - $10,000+

Planning a wedding of 50 - 200 guests and want to elevate your day with luxurious florals? Need ceremony and reception florals? Maybe a statement floral piece that can be used for your ceremony AND your reception? Calabacita Señorita can be your flowery Godmother. With our full service wedding design, we will provide you with a customized consultation, detailed proposal with an included mood board to highlight your choices of design, with on-site delivery and set-up of reception & floral installations, as well as hand delivered personal flowers. 

A minimum investment of $4,500 is required. 


Quick Consultation - Need help deciding? or DIYing? FREEEEEE!

Maybe you don't know what you need yet and you are just looking for a bit of help to plan what to expect, budget for your wedding florals, or considering DIYing with flowers grown on our farm? we have other options, like a la carte bouquets too. You know you want flowers, but don't know how much they can typically cost or what you can get with the budget you have in mind. We can help you quickly curate what you can expect with your floral budget or what kind of budget you might need for the ideas you have. Calabacita Señorita can help you navigate through what to expect when it comes to budgeting flowers, the typical cost for certain personal, ceremony, reception pieces or installments, and help determining what is a floral necessity or what is not so much a necessity, for your budget. This includes a hour and a half consultation and design, and a quick break down of costs to help you start planning for your florals. And don't worry, this is all to help you. We know planning a wedding can be stressful and full of unknowns, and we are here to make it easier and less stressful. You do not need to book us as your floral fairy with this consultation. It's purely us wanting to help you find what can best fit your needs no matter who you chose to do your flowers while giving you an in person, one on one guidance to your flower dreams! 

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